Mindsets For Your Side Hustle

I started this calligraphy journey to help supplement our family income. My husband was looking for a full-time job that would support our family but even with his Master’s degree, it took some time before he was able to find something that fits well. It really was just a hobby at first. I had a wooden plank and thought to myself, “What would happen if I put some watercolor on there? And maybe a scripture?” When I posted it on FB, numerous friends asked if I would sell it and BOOM, I made my first sale.

My first calligraphy piece back in 2016!

I turned this crazy hobby and made $10,000 in sales my first year through Facebook, Instagram, and Etsy alone. Although that might not seem like a lot, that was a LOT to me for being a hobby! My sales continue to grow and I am always finding ways to create pieces in less time with more quality. Let me just say, if I can do it, YOU can do it. I don’t believe in the perfect business plan or a foolproof step by step guide. I think that just as each individual is unique, each business is unique in the ebbs and flows of its growth. As hobbyists or business owners, we have to take in the vast amount of advice and cater it to our individual lives. Are you married? Single? Do you have a day job? Stay at home mom? Your side hustle may be your top priority so you need it to grow as quickly as possible or maybe you need it to be slow and steady. Whatever season you are in, I believe that a successful business really comes down to 2 mindsets. GRIT and ADAPTATION. 


Grit is this resolve to never give up. No matter what comes your way, you will not allow it to stop you. Angela Lee Duckworth explains it beautifully in her TED talk. I encourage you to watch it below.


If you are not constantly adapting, you are not growing. In some aspects, if you are not adapting, then you are going to be left behind. I am constantly analyzing my business, taking classes and adapting to the challenges and victories that come my way. Although I am a bit techy, I will admit that I am stuck in the decade of Facebook and recently heard that the younger generation is leaving Facebook behind. WHAT? I’ve tried Snapchat, and hate it. But I also realize that if I don’t adapt to the changes, I will eventually hit my glass ceiling. So here I am… downloading Snapchat for the 3rd time so that I can get used to it! We can’t stick with the same processes and strategies expecting better results. We can’t be too stiff or else we would snap! The art of adaptation is to keep adapting.

What are some of YOUR tips to launch into your side hustle? Drop your comments below!

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